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Andy Kelso
Excerpt from Elvis Presley Gospel Concert
 One night with ANDY KELSO!
Andy Kelso is a talented singer and speaker.He has already featured on BBC Radio singing and talking about Elvis and his own Act! He has also done an Elvis Gospel Service on BBC Radio singing gospel songs and talking about Elvis's own spiritual journey which proved to be really popular with people ringing in for copies! 
Andy has had some interesting media coverage in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star, The Metro and The Sunday Times. Do look under Media Interest on this website. He was also invited onto The Rob Brydon Show on BBC TV. He has recently filmed for BBC 4 and he has been seen on Japanese TV! He also has a short film made about him called,"Finding Elvis!" Andy has been all over the country, even to Lancashire, which for a Yorkshireman is quite a feat! In 2014 he went to Belfast twice on a peace mission! He appeared on Ulster TV and the BBC and was on the BBC News website for over a week with the headline "Elvis walks the Peaceline!" Do look on the Belfast pages for amazing stories and photos!
To find out how Andy got to be involved in all of this do go to his About Us page.

                                              TRIBUTE ACT
His Elvis Presley Tribute Act is dynamite! It comprises the very best of Elvis with rock, ballad and gospel. Andy's great heart and calling is to link up with churches who want to build bridges with their communities. So many people are put off church, but put on an evening with some good food and refreshment and great entertainment and people will come! Andy weaves in some stories about Elvis's life and spiritual journey with links to his own and it makes for an enthralling evening! Andy's story of a near-fatal motorbike accident along with a troubled childhood connects with people.
 His acts are very flexible depending on requirements but his usual show is two sets of 45/50  minutes with a costume change. Andy has sung to a variety of audiences of all ages from fifty people to over three hundred. Whatever the need people will want to dance and enjoy the occasion! It's definitely "showtime" when Andy performs! Andy can provide background music as people arrive. In the Christmas season Andy adds a few of Elvis' favourites.
Elvis was one of Andy's great heroes and so he sees it as an enormous privilege to entertain people with songs from the king! His act is a great blend of ballad,  rock and gospel from this timeless superstar! Most Elvis Tribute Acts leave out his gospel songs which is a shame as these were the songs that Elvis loved the most. Towards the end of his life he sang more and more of them on stage. He was so proud to finally get a Grammy Award in 1974 and it was for a gospel song, How Great Thou Art.
Andy can send you ideas for publicity and an outdoor banner which promotes his act. 
Andy has also performed at festivals, carnivals, fetes, weddings and parties.
+++ HOT NEWS! Andy went to Belfast Feb 21-23 2014 for a promotional visit for a concert on April 5th. He had ten media engagements and there was a real buzz! On the Saturday Andy walked the Peaceline with a police escort! He walked to the Falls Road library and sang some songs on the steps, then to the Peace Gate on Northumberland St where he sang some more and then to the Shankill Road library where he sang on the steps! He visited shops and businesses and talked to people handing out leaflets about the concert, proceeds of which will go to the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice. It was very moving but people were very welcoming. 

 The concert on April 5th was amazing! People from both sides of the divide came and there was a real buzz! The police were there but no problems! This was a breakthrough in relations!
Hoping to return! Do see some photos of the concert under Rev Elvis in Belfast.
Had an amazing tour of Belfast on foot as well which lasted six hours! It was such an eye-opener to the history and source of all the troubles. The people were very friendly and I do pray that real peace can come to the province. Thank you Frank!            

*** Andy is returning to Belfast! May 30th.
I was shortlisted for BGT and went to the Birmingham Hippodrome in February. I was there for ten hours! A lot of waiting around! Then a lot of filming. They were very interested in the Rev Elvis story and I enjoyed this part of the day. Enough said about the time before the panel who thought it fun to have a go at my RevElvis calling. I did answer them back!

Andy went to Austria with Elvis.  There was no snow so no tourists! But the locals still liked Elvis! Here's publicity for my night in Kreischberg a skiing resort. It was an apres-ski bar celebrating 20 years and they hoped for lots of tourists.Instead  it was filled with local young people who I thought wouldn't like Elvis but they loved it! And I had to sing on a table! That's a first! 

He's also got a new costume, the Fireworks! Sweet!

This is where I go to get my costumes altered. Called Gold Stitch in Worcester it's a fantastic place and Mortesa does such a great job.I wanted to promote his shop so we had fun! The person in the next shop wanted some photos too so I promoted his shop as well!
Andy is available as a speaker. His after-dinner repertoire is full of humour, interest and thought-provoking. His sharing of his life story will connect with everyone. It's now in a book called " A Most Unusual Journey" more details of which are in the About Us section. 

Availability   and more information see the Contact Us page.
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